Welcome to Kel India Filters

Incorporated in 2002 in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India), with a vision to bring international quality filter fabrics/media from various party of the world, and assemble in our factory to meet all national and international standards of air and liquid filtration to deliver good quality filters in the process industry and thereby enhance production as well as to control of industrial pollution.

We supply filters with affordable price within the reach of micro and small scale industries and Large Scale manufacturing plants in the country and abroad through direct and indirect selling network.

Indulal Sasidharan


Our Product

Bag / Pocket Filters

Box Filters & V-bank Filters

Cartridge / Canister Filters

Evaporative Cooling Pads

G.T. Inlet Accessories

Gas Phase / Molecular Filtration

Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filters

HEPA and ULPA Filters

High Efficiency Mini-Pleated Filters

High Temperature Filters

Media, Socks & Poly Panels

Pleats (MERV 8 and below)

Industries We Served

Hospitals / Medical Facilities

  • Data Centers
  • Schools / Universities
  • Museums / Libraries
  • Commercial / Office Buildings
  • Microelectronics / Cleanrooms
  • Pharmaceutical / Laboratories
  • Hotels / Casinos
  • Airports / Transportation
  • Manufacturing / Industrial
  • Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filtration
  • Other Markets Served